1500 Square Foot Room Package

Our “1500 Package” gives you a wide selection of fitness equipment for just about any application. Whether you are creating an apartment complex fitness room or opening a hotel fitness center, our package will meet the needs of your most demanding customers. This package features a host of state-of-the art equipment that covers just about any workout routine. From treadmills to kettle bells, we cover a wide range of cardio and strength exercises. Our 1500 fitness pacakge will not overwhelm novices yet offers challenging exercises for experienced gym enthusiasts. This Body Solid package provides you with commercially rated equipment that is designed to handle the abuse of day-to-day use and meet budget requirements. Not only is Body-Solid rugged, durable, and affordable, Body-Solid fitness equipment has the look of much more expensive equipment. Now you can make the most of your space and budget with enShape’s 1500 Package.

Looking for something a little different?  Not a problem at enShape.com.  We can create a “signature” look and feel for your fitness facility.  Ask us how we can tailor your gym requirements with a mix of our great, reputable brands and equipment combinations.  Call or email today.

2  Body-Solid T100 Endurance Commercial Treadmill

1  Body-Solid S2SP Series II Shoulder Press

1  Body-Solid R300 Endurance Rower

2  Body-Solid FB300 Endurance Fan Bike

1  Body-Solid S2CP Series II Chest Press

1  Body-Solid E5000 Endurance Elliptical Trainer

1  Body-Solid B5R Endurance Recumbent Bike

1  Body-Solid SFID425 Full Commercial Adjustable Bench

1  Body-Solid SDRS550 5 to 50 lb. Rubber Dumbbell Set

1  Body-Solid GDCC210 Functional Training Center 210

1  Body-Solid DLEC-SF Pro Dual Leg Extension & Curl Machine

1  Body-Solid S2LAT Series II Lat Pulldown & Seated Row

1  Body-Solid KBLS180 5-40 lb. Kettleball Set

3  Body-Solid SDKR500DB 2-Tier PCL Dumbbell Rack

1  Body-Solid SDKR500KB 2-Tier PCL Kettlebell Rack

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